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Sparkling South Pacific!

02//2018 - 03/07/2018

Escorted by Yvonne

Sparkling South Pacific!

When you awake in the South Pacific, you will feel as though you are still dreaming because the pristine beauty of the French Polynesian islands simply seems not of this world. Join Seven Lands and Seas Travel on this exclusive hosted tour with Yvonne!

  • During an overnight stay in Papeete, stroll through Les Jardins de Paofai or marvel at the Cascades de Faarumai
  • Take in beautiful views of Moorea on a walk along the coconut trails
  • Enjoy a traditional meal of grilled shrimp, coconut bread, yams and fresh pineapple as you relax on an overnight visit in Bora Bora’s famed lagoon
  • Learn the cultural history of Huahine at Mata’irea Hill, home to ancient marae, agricultural terraces, house foundations and burial platforms

From $5,299* | Rate Includes:


**Unlimited Internet

**$400 shipboard credit

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FREE - 6 shore excursion

FREE - Beverage Package

FREE - $600 Shipboard Credit 

from $5,299

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